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亚搏彩票官网网站-为孙杨案花费超60万美元 揭秘WADA的钱用在了哪?
名称:亚搏彩票官网网站-为孙杨案花费超60万美元 揭秘WADA的钱用在了哪?

This Friday (October 8), the World Anti-Doping Agency (hereinafter referred to as WADA) officially released its 2019 annual report. WADA specifically mentioned on page 93 of this 124-page annual report that the cost of WADA legal proceedings in 2019 has increased significantly.


The well-known sports website Insidethegames and Australia’s "Daily Telegraph" all reported the matter under the title "Sun Yang case cost WADA 600,000 US dollars." The Red Star News reporter found and downloaded the annual report from the WADA official website, and conducted a detailed study of the annual report.

著名的体育网站Insidethegames和澳大利亚的《每日电讯报》都以“孙阳案耗资WADA 60万美元”为标题报道了此事。红星新闻记者从WADA官方网站上找到并下载了年度报告,并对年度报告进行了详细的研究。

WADA Annual Report


The Red Star News reporter found and downloaded the annual report published on October 8 at WADA. According to the last part of the 124-page annual report, WADA's operating expenses in 2019 were 37.8 million U.S. dollars and revenue was around 38 million U.S. dollars.


WADA is a non-profit organization established in Lausanne, Switzerland on November 10, 1999. It is an independent department under the International Olympic Committee and headquartered in Montreal, Canada. Its main task is to review and adjust the list of prohibited drugs and determine drug testing. Laboratories, and engaged in anti-doping research, education and prevention work. WADA has different interests from many world individual sports organizations and associations. Anti-doping is the organization's top priority and does not pursue commercial interests or profit.


WADA's income mainly comes from the International Olympic Committee, the apportionment and donations of various governments. In the first two years of its establishment, all funding came from the International Olympic Committee, but since 2002, according to the new charter, half came from the International Olympic Committee and half was shared by governments around the world. Continents


It should be noted that WADA's annual report also announced additional donations to WADA. This 1.6 million US dollars came from Japan, China, Poland, Australia and other countries. Among them, donations from China are the most, with US$993,000. China has made the most additional donations to WADA, which shows that China has played its responsibilities as a major country and supported the anti-doping cause.


On November 15, 2019 local time, Montreux, Switzerland, Sun Yang's public hearing was held. (According to IC photo)

当地时间2019年11月15日,在瑞士蒙特勒,孙杨举行了公开听证会。 (据IC照)

Where is the overhead of WADA mainly used? According to the annual report, WADA's budget is currently growing at an annual rate of about 8%, and plans to reach 46.6 million US dollars in 2022, with the number of employees increasing from 117 to 130. In order to pay employees' salaries and other personnel expenses, WADA spent a total of $15.7 million last year. In addition, there are a lot of travel and research and development expenses. WADA has a special doping research center, which regularly issues doping lists to its anti-doping agencies every year. In addition to the above, the bulk of the expenses are the investigation costs and litigation costs of suspected doping cases.


The Red Star News reporter also read about the Sun Yang case on page 93 of the WADA Annual Report. WADA specifically stated that “in 2019, WADA’s legal litigation costs have increased significantly.” The following paragraph reads, “High-profile cases require more resources. WADA sued swimmer Sun Yang in the International Sports Arbitration Court and won the case The case is typical. It cost more than $600,000."

《红星报》记者还在WADA年度报告第93页上阅读了有关Sun Yang案的信息。 WADA特别指出:“在2019年,WADA的法律诉讼费用已大大增加。”下段内容为:“备受瞩目的案件需要更亚搏彩票官网网站多资源。世界反兴奋剂机构(WADA)在国际体育仲裁法院起诉了游泳运动员孙阳(Sun Yang),并赢得了本案。它花费了超过60万美元。”

The Sun Yang case originated on September 4, 2018, when the International Doping Control Management Company (IDTM), a sample collection agency authorized by the FINA, used unprofessional training and legal Qualified personnel collect samples of athletes. Because Sun Yang had doubts about the qualification certificates presented by the inspectors, the inspection was ultimately not completed. During this period, Sun Yang broke the safety box of the blood sample bottle and was accused of "violent resistance."

Sun Yang案起源于2018年9月4日,当时由国际泳联授权的样本收集机构国际兴奋剂控制管理公司(IDTM)使用了非专业培训,并且具有法律资格的人员收集了运动员样本。由于孙阳对检查员出具的资格证书有所怀疑,因此检查最终没有完成。在此期间,孙阳打破了血液样本瓶的安全箱,并被指控具有“暴力抵抗力”。

On November 19, 2018, the FINA held a hearing on the matter in Lausanne, Switzerland. In January 2019, the FINA ruled that the inspection was invalid and Sun Yang did not violate the World Anti-Doping Regulations. On March 12, 2019, WADA appealed to the International Court of Arbitration for Sports because of its dissatisfaction with the ruling. On November 15, 2019, the International Court of Arbitration for Sports held a public hearing on the case in Montreux, Switzerland, and it was broadcast live worldwide through the Internet. The hearing lasted 12 hours. On February 28, 2020, the International Court of Arbitration for Sports announced the results of the arbitration. From that day on, Sun Yang was banned for 8 years. This was undoubtedly a huge blow to Sun Yang.

2018年11月19日,国际泳联在瑞士洛桑举行了听证会。 2019年1月,国际泳联裁定检查无效,孙阳没有违反《世界反兴奋剂条例》。由于对裁决不满意,WADA于2019年3月12日向国际体育仲裁法院提起上诉。 2019年11月15日,国际体育仲裁法院在瑞士蒙特勒对该案进行了公开听证会,并通过互联网在全球范围内进行了直播。听证会持续了12个小时。 2020年2月28日,国际体育仲裁法院宣布了仲裁结果。从那亚搏彩票官网网站天起,孙阳被禁赛8年。这无疑是对孙阳的巨大打击。

In this case, attorney fees are the biggest expense for WADA. In order to win this lawsuit, WADA invited the well-known American lawyer Richard Young as the chief lawyer. The latter not only participated in the drafting of WADA’s anti-doping rules and regulations, but also pulled down Armstrong, the seven-time Tour de France king. He was caught in a doping scandal and was banned for life), and he became famous.

在这种情况下,律师费是WADA的最大费用。为了赢得这场诉讼,WADA邀请了著名的美国律师Richard Young作为首席律师。后者不仅参加亚搏彩票竞彩官网了WADA的反兴奋剂规则和条例的起草,还推翻了七届环法自行车赛国王阿姆斯特朗。他被卷入兴奋剂丑闻,被终身禁赛,他因此成名。

It is not clear what Richard Young’s attorney fees are, but according to the WADA annual report, the relevant legal consulting fees in 2019 were approximately US$6.88 million, more than double that of US$3.43 million in 2018. This is the deduction of manpower for WADA. The biggest overhead outside. The biggest case of WADA in 2019 is the Sun Yang case.

目前尚不清楚Richard Young的律师费是多少,但根据WADA年度报告,2019年的相关法律咨询费约为688万美元,是2018年的343万美元的两倍多。 WADA。外面最大的开销。 2019年世界反兴奋剂机构(WADA)最大的案件是孙阳案件。

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