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亚搏彩票竞彩官网_2023亚洲杯赛区会在大连召开 杜兆才强调办赛目标
名称:亚搏彩票竞彩官网_2023亚洲杯赛区会在大连召开 杜兆才强调办赛目标

   Xinhua News Agency, Dalian, October 10 (Reporter Gongbing, Cai Yongjun) The first regional work meeting of the 2023 AFC Asian Cup China Organizing Committee will be held in Dalian on the 10th. Du Zhaocai, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration and executive chairman 亚搏彩票官网网站of the Chinese Organizing Committee, stated that he will take advantage of the opportunity of hosting the Asian Cup to promote the development of the football industry, exchange experience in depth, clarify work priorities, and enhance the sense of coordination, so as to lay a solid foundation for the next stage of preparations. basis.


Du Zhaocai said that since the launch of the Asian Cup preparations in January 2020, with the guidance and help of the AFC and the strong support of the provinces and cities where each competition area is located, the Asian Cup Organizing Committee and ten competition areas have been doing a good job of preventing the epidemic. While controlling the work, it actively resumed work and production, with high standards and strict requirements, and efficiently promoted various preparatory work, achieved staged progress and achieved a good start. So far, the preparatory work for the Asian Cup has maintained a smooth and orderly operation. The design plans of nine professional football stadiums have been reviewed and approved and have entered the construction phase one after another; the competition team in the competition area has gradually improved, the competition organization has been carried out in an orderly manner, and the training ground construction has started; The host city has established close ties with the Asian Cup Organizing Committee, forming an effective communication mechanism.


He hopes that each competition area has a deep understanding of the importance of hosting the Asian Cup, and further strengthens the confidence and determination to successfully host the competition; taking the establishment of the competition area organizing committee as an opportunity, further clarify responsibilities, improve the mechanism, optimize the team, and provide a strong foundation for the success of the competition. Organizational guarantee; promote the co亚搏彩票竞彩官网nstruction and construction of professional football stadiums with high standards, increase the propaganda work of stadium construction, and leave a valuable tangible legacy for Chinese football; attach great importance to the organization of competitions and equip them with strong competition teams; expand the youth football population, Promoting the development of youth football in China is an important goal for the success of the game.


Regarding the use of the Asian Cup to promote the development of youth football, Du Zhaocai further explained that the State Sports General Administration and the Ministry of Education have recently jointly issued the "Opinions on Deepening the Integration of Sports and Education to Promote the Healthy Development of Youth". The Asian Cup, as the top football competition in Asia, has a unique event. Resources, platform advantages and strong influence. Taking advantage of the opportunity of hosting the Asian Cup to cultivate youth interest in football and expand the youth football population is an important measure to implement the "China Football Reform and Development Overall Plan" and one of the important tasks of the Asian Cup in 2023. It has broad and far-reaching significance. And social value. In the next stage, the organizing committee will integrate the existing professional youth football training and activities in each competition area, through various channels and forms, coordinate the formulation of youth action plans, assume social responsibilities, and create up-close experiences for more young people in the Asian Cup. Opportunities for related activities to increase the attention and participation of young people, enhance the influence of the Asian Cup in the youth group, and then stimulate young people’s interest in football and cultivate a good football culture.


   He Xi, Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese Organizing Committee, introduced the preparatory work from the aspects of organizational construction, overall planning, working mechanism with the AFC, professional football stadium construction, training ground construction, competition work, publicity and promotion work and other related work. He said that the general plan of the event involves 26 business sectors, 116 important node tasks, and more than 1,800 tasks.


   Each host city also introduced the preparatory work. Yang Haibin, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports, said that the Beijing Organizing Committee will set up 18 offices, and the reconstruction and reconstruction of the Beijing Workers Stadium is in progress. Li Kemin, director of the Tianjin Municipal Sports Bureau, said that the TEDA football stadium will be built into a complex integrating "sports + service + health", with the sports industry and health industry as new economic growth points, driving the Binhai New Area, Tianjin, and Beijing. Economic development in the Tianjin-Hebei region.


Zhao Jinfu, director of the Venue Security Department of the China Organizing Committee, introduced security measures, venue construction and renovation progress and concerns; Minister Fei Jian of the Competition Department introduced that the main tasks of the Competition Department include game oper亚搏彩票官网网站ation, team services, medical and anti-doping, and spectator services. But at the same time, it is also closely related to major tasks such as venue construction and operation management, media operation during the game, television broadcasting, security and document management, and transportation and vehicle arrangements.


   On the same day, the participants also visited the Dalian Football Youth Training Base, which hosted the first stage of the 2020 Super League. In spite of heavy rain, the excellent lawn quality here allowed the competition to be held smoothly, and created a "record" of hosting two games in 6 and a half hours on July 26 and 5 games in a week from August 24 to 30.


The 18th Asian Cup will be held in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, Chengdu, Xi'an, Dalian, Qingdao, Xiamen and Suzhou in 2023.


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